Interested in bicycles, service bikes or bikes with the company logo? We offer corporate bikes for companies and employees.

We offer several different layouts for companies that want to buy bicycles. We keep track of the regulations and help you figure out the best structure along the company's needs.
The bikes are being developed and built in our factory in Varberg. We handle the distribution and can help with maintenance and service of the bicycles.

Benefit cycles and ready-made concepts

We have arrangements for traditional bicycles and electric bikes.
Are you interested in buying bicycles for your staff, using in the service or offering employees a favorable arrangement on a bicycle for private use? 

Then we are happy to help and make this easy and convenient for you and your company. 
Want to buy profiled bikes with your company logo? We also have concepts for this.

Minimal administration - maximum support

We have our own organization Cycleurope Corporate Bikes that work with preferential bikes and tailor-made solutions for corporate bicycles. 
We help you along the entire process and with simple and good tools in our digital portal, the administration becomes minimal.
Curious to know more? Henrik Strignert on 070-338 23 21 or click on 
www.cycleuropeföretagscyklar.se .